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Université d’Ottawa CRCCF, fonds Association canadienne-française de l’Ontario (C2), Église Saint-Dominique à Hawkesbury C2J6_4-014 

Questions and Terms

The MHH Network targets three key sectors in the context of OLMC organisations. To understand each sector and the relevant terms, read below.

What is an OLMC organisation?

An official language minority community organisation (OLMC) consists of an organisation whose main language of operation is the official minority language in their region. This therefore includes all Francophone organisations outside of Quebec and Anglophone organisations within Quebec. The MHH Network considers an organisation to be an OLMC if it identifies itself as such.  


To learn more about the Official Languages Act and developments over the years in Canada, please visit this page

What is memory? 

Memory is anything that reconstructs aspects of the past within a community in the present.

What is heritage? 

Heritage consists of anything that remains from the past. It is divided into three main categories. Material heritage is composed of all objects, including buildings, and landscapes, and artifacts. The iIntangible heritage includes stories and traditions, while documentary hertiage includes all written and recorded collections, as well as archives. Documentary heritage consists of written documents and other types of records, collections and archives that can be found in libraries, public archives, private collections, museums, and other places. 

What is history? 

History consists of all the knowledge accumulated from research based on a proven methodology, which provides information to the community about the past.  

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