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Rouleauville Square, Calgary

What we offer

The MHH Network offers a variety of opportunities for OLMC memory, heritage and history organisations.

AGM 2023

The next Annual General Meeting of the MPH Network will take place in September 2023. The date will be determined shortly.

Research on OLMC Organisations in Sectors of the MHH Network

Please complete the survey for all OLMC organizations in the memory, history and heritage sectors on behalf of your organisation? This will help us to identify key sectoral issues and priorities at the national level.

Become a member

Any organisation or individual can join the Network and gain access to the sharing communities. Fill the form below to become a member.


For more information about OLMC organizations and the three key sectors, please visit the FAQ page.

Sharing Communities

Does your organization have resources or ideas to share? Do you want to hear ideas from organizations like yours in other parts of the country? To assist in the sharing of ideas and resources, the MHH Network facilitates sharing communities in relevant sectors to help member organisations.

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